Letting Go Of Your Unresolved Anger
Skyrocket your life and results by learning to 
release the emotional bondage of anger. 

Become a Peaceful Responder - Let Go of Your Anger Tendencies
Letting go will give you a whole new emotional space to play in. Begin to  move out of your pain and into your peace. 
Roots of Anger
Tendencies that lead to anger stem from feelings such as disappointment, anger, hate resentment, guilt, shame, abandonment, rejection, and overwhelmed feelings. These feelings emerge from your unresolved issues in your past. 
Effects of Anger
Anger can lead to various addictions-emotional or physical. Specific Anger personalities can emerge such as The Angry Giver and the Passive-Aggressive individual. Self-sabotage often plays a role in the cycle of being and staying angry.
Releasing Anger
Letting go is a process where you let go of your emotional control releasing the internal pressure. Forgiveness play a major role in the process. Releasing past events and emotions will allow you to move from being an Angry Reactor to a Peaceful Responder.  
The Anger Factor - Letting Go of Your Unresolved Anger
I wrote this book for all of those who suffer from unresolved anger. Letting go of unresolved anger is absolutely essential if your goal is to be a balanced, successful human being. No matter what goals you set in life or what lifestyle choices you make, you share a common desire with most people to be happy, fulfilled, and engaged in life.
                                                                                        - Jeffery Combs

Are you ready to release unresolved issues from your past? 
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Michael C.
Entrepreneur & Business Owner
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